Lingam Tantric Massage Warsaw

Tantric Lingam massage is derived from an ancient tantric tradition. This massage is exclusively for men. It is supposed to improve the health and strength of the male genital organs.

Lingam Warsaw – A source of male delight in the Tantric Paradise salon

Only with us you can forget about the world around you. Enter the paradise land of sensations. You don’t have to worry about anything. Everything that happens during the session will be an extraordinary experience, completely in harmony with nature.

Lingam Warsaw- How does a tantric lingam massage work?

The session begins with a shared shower with a completely naked girl. The very sight of her will make the blood pulse more intensely and stimulate you before the erotic experience. The massage is gentle and varied. An experienced masseuse during the session focuses attention on your intimate places, thoroughly and gently touching the erogenous points. The ceremony takes into account individual needs and guarantees extraordinary spiritual and bodily experiences.

Lingam Warsaw – A way to enter a new, bright way of life

Massage is dedicated to men who want to expand their awareness about their body. It activates various energetic points throughout the body. It leads to a harmonious flow of energy and equalizes the balance between body and spirit. Already after the first time, you will feel a big difference. Massage will release your thoughts and focus on what is important to you. The desire to enjoy the charms of life will be increasing.

Lingam Warsaw – What benefits will a man feel after a Lingam massage?

With a lingam massage, you will learn to better control your body. You will control your sexual energy and drive. Massage will improve blood circulation, help maintain erection longer, so your intercourse will last long, and sensations will become more intense. Men who are struggling with the problem of premature ejaculation will gain better control over energy. Lingam massage will also help with potency problems – it will activate sensation and start physico-chemical processes in the body, it will also restore natural physiological processes.


Price list


  • 60 minutes
    400 PLN
  • Standard for 4 hands
    800 PLN
  • Standard for couples
    800 PLN

Includes: strong, tantric or relaxing massage, back, leg and foot massage and body to body massage.
Lingam / Yoni massage.


  • 90 minutes
    550 PLN
  • Medium for 4 hands
    1000 PLN
  • Medium for couples
    1000 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of back, legs and foot massage, body to body massage.
lingam / yoni massage.


  • 120 minutes
    800 PLN
  • Platinum for 4 hands
    1400 PLN
  • Platinum for couples
    1400 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of the face, back, arms, legs and feets, body to body massage. 2x Lingam / Yoni massage.

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