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Masaż tantryczny

Tantric Massage

Discover the richness of sensual sensations flowing from tantric massage, which you will discover in our Tantric Paradise salon.

Let you be surrounded by peace and a relaxing atmosphere. From the first seconds of the session, our qualified masseuses will take care of you and your tired body so that you reach the peak of the sensations of tantric massage.

Lingam Tantric Massage

Tantric Lingam massage is derived from an ancient tantric tradition. This massage is exclusively for men. It is supposed to improve the health and strength of the male genital organs.

Masaż Lingam

Tantra Yoni massage

Yoni shows the deepest hidden essence. The word comes from Indian Sanskrit and describes the entire area of a woman’s genitals. Yoni tantric massage is the temple art of healing a woman’s body and raising its vibration. According to Indian culture, Yoni tantric massage is the basis of female care. It has a whole range of health benefits and more. Increases sensitivity to touch and sexual satisfaction.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese massage technique that involves massaging your partner with your whole body. It should be remembered that Nuru is an erotic massage, not a relaxing one, such as tantric massage. The massage is performed with the help of special oils, which we rub with different parts of the body into the body of the partner. These oils moisturize and firm the skin, which is an additional benefit of the treatment.

Erotic Massage in Warsaw

Erotic massage in Tantric Paradise is a great way to diversify your sex life. It helps to relax and boosts libido. It fulfills a triple role: firstly, it helps to relax and forget about problems, secondly, it improves the blood supply to the skin, thanks to which it becomes more sensitive to caresses, and thirdly, it excites in itself.

Relaxing Massage

Massage has been a recognized method of prevention for many years and an important element of improving well-being and physical condition. In our salon, we perform a massage that focuses on reducing muscle tension, relaxing the whole body, reducing body fat, eliminating back, neck, neck or shoulder pain, improving circulation and lymph flow and on emotional silencing of the massaged person.

Relaxing massage stimulates the muscles, skin and circulatory system, while affecting the entire nervous system. This massage perfectly eliminates the negative reactions to stress sent by the body, eliminates involuntary muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, and also helps in the fight against insomnia.

Masaż relaksacyjny
Masaż na 4 ręce

Massage for 4 hands

Four-hand massage, also called synchronous massage, is a treatment considered difficult to perform properly, and at the same time very exclusive and brings the person being massaged maximum pleasant sensations. This is a great way to restore balance in the musculoskeletal system, improve blood supply to the skin and lymph circulation. If the massage performed by one masseuse can move to the land of bliss, and sometimes even throw into the arms of Morpheus, then the four-hand massage extremely intensifies this type of experience. It is worth highlighting the special value of four-hand massage, because it stimulates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

Massage for Couples

We invite you and your partner to a tantric massage, erotic nuru, relaxing. We will teach you the art of giving and receiving massage and creating a special bond between massaged person and masseur. Massages for couples can take place in one or two separate rooms. For the sake of comfort, we leave the decision to you. In the most classic version, the ground floor and partner enjoy a massage ending with the finale (Lingam massage, Yoni massage).

Masaż dla par
Price list


  • 60 minutes
    400 PLN
  • Standard for 4 hands
    800 PLN
  • Standard for couples
    800 PLN

Includes: strong, tantric or relaxing massage, back, leg and foot massage and body to body massage.
Lingam / Yoni massage.


  • 90 minutes
    550 PLN
  • Medium for 4 hands
    1000 PLN
  • Medium for couples
    1000 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of back, legs and foot massage, body to body massage.
lingam / yoni massage.


  • 120 minutes
    800 PLN
  • Platinum for 4 hands
    1400 PLN
  • Platinum for couples
    1400 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of the face, back, arms, legs and feets, body to body massage. 2x Lingam / Yoni massage.

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