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Tantra Yoni massage

The name Yoni comes from Indian Sanskrit and defines the entire area of a woman’s genitals. Yoni tantric massage is the temple art of healing a woman’s body and raising its positive vibrations. According to Indian culture, Yoni tantric massage is the basis of female care. It has a whole range of health benefits and more. Increases sensitivity to touch and sexual satisfaction.

The Way to Heal in Tantric Paradise

Yoni, or the female vagina, accumulate a lot of tension related to emotions and stress. These tensions may cause greater pain during menstruation and intercourse. Tissue spasms cause closure and lack of sexual satisfaction. We remember this, which is why during the massage we take into account individual needs and guarantee extraordinary spiritual sensations and bodily healing.

Positive effect on your body and mind

The accuracy and extraordinary respect of masseuses are the key to discovering all the benefits of Yoni massage and enjoying its fulfillment and joy. A woman who discovers the power of her sexuality through massage and draws her strength from it, radiates, is creative and exudes optimism.

Yoni Tantric Massage can:

  • relax deep tissues
  • unlock sexual energy
  • increase libido
  • heal the relationship with your own sexuality
  • stimulate stagnation points
  • oxygenate cells
  • increase blood flow
  • open to pleasure.

The path to pleasure for women in Tantric Paradise

Each session is accompanied by the therapeutic smell of oils and incense, the delicate light of candles and the soothing sounds of oriental music.

Price list


  • 60 minutes
    400 PLN
  • Standard for 4 hands
    750 PLN
  • Standard for couples
    750 PLN

Includes: strong, tantric or relaxing massage, back, leg and foot massage and body to body massage.
Lingam / Yoni massage.


  • 90 minutes
    550 PLN
  • Medium for 4 hands
    1000 PLN
  • Medium for couples
    1000 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of back, legs and foot massage, body to body massage.
lingam / yoni massage.


  • 120 minutes
    750 PLN
  • Platinum for 4 hands
    1400 PLN
  • Platinum for couples
    1400 PLN

Includes: shared shower with a masseuse, strong, tantric or relaxing massage of the face, back, arms, legs and feets, body to body massage. 2x Lingam / Yoni massage.

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